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New Vision of the Loft 2

New Vision of the Loft 2


We remind all architects interested in taking part in the New Vision For The Loft 2 - International Design Competition organized by FAKRO and conducted in collaboration with A10 new European architecture, that deadline for submitting visualizations is on the 03rd of June.

We are still waiting for innovative and creative architectural works.

FAKRO, one of the leading roof window, skylight and loft ladder manufacturers is organizing the its International Design Competition - New Vision For The Loft 2 for the fourth time. Each year the competition gathers more and more architects. More and more works are being sent to FAKRO headquarters, which shows the great interest in the competition.

This year's task is to prepare an architectural visualization presenting a new take on the loft. The project has to make use of FAKRO roof windows at least ten roof windows chosen from FAKRO product offer. The main goal for the architect is to create a functional space full of natural light, using highly energy-efficient technology. Creating unconventional loft designs, where light and space play major roles, is made possible by using FAKRO products. For architects, the only requirement is to develop the most original and timeless concept.

Competition entries will be judged by an international jury led by Indira van 't Klooster A10 editor-in-chief.

The first prize for the competition is € 5,000; the second prize € 3,000; and the third prize € 2,000.

The winning results will be published in A10 magazine. Details of the competition and the conditions of participation are available at www.fakro.com

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