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Danish team of architects consisting of Ole Robin Storjohann (Germany) and Mateusz Mastalski (Poland) is the winner of the International Design Competition NEW VISION OF THE LOFT 2 organized by FAKRO in cooperation with the international architectural magazine A10 New European Architecture. Second place was taken by representing Great Britain, Polish architects Katarzyna Penar and Wojciech Okrzesik. Piotr Skrzycki and Dawid Szczepanski from Poland were third. The best architects have been awarded with the checks of €5000, €3000 and €2000.

It was the fourth time when FAKRO become an inspiration for architects from all over the world. Among all participants, there were architects from such exotic countries as Jamaica, Peru, South Africa, Mexico, Hong Kong, and almost all European countries, including France, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Spain, Great Britain and Poland.

The main task of the competition was to create a visualization of architectural concept of the loft, using at least 10 roof windows, selected from a wide FAKRO offer. Designed space was supposed to be full of light and human-friendly creative solutions.

Participants' works were evaluated by the jury consisting of:

  • Indira van ‘t Klooster (editor-in-chief A10 new European Architecture, Chair)
  • Emmett Scanlon (founder of CAST Architecture, Irish correspondent for A10, advisor to the Arts Council of Ireland, Lecturer at University College Dublin)
  • Sabina Sujew (Master of Arts, Head of Exports Benelux at FAKRO).

Top marks were given for unconventional designs, timeless and innovative, fully creative and artistic ones - explains Sabina Sujew.

- Among 113 works submitted, inter alia, from such exotic corners of the world as Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Argentina and Australia, 106 enrolled. There were typical industrial and urban visualizations, realistic concepts, as well as artistic creations, in which the dreams mix with the vision of the ideal loft. As it was generally agreed, FAKRO roof windows are perfect source of light and can be installed in the most innovative and almost impossible projects. Jury was highly impressed by the designs which used FAKRO roof windows in the most provocative and innovative way, sometimes using the product beyond its destination, thus offering new ideas for roof windows in the future.

The jury also decided to award five teams with honourable mentions. They were Daniël Luecke and Christian Schunke from Denmark, Adam Tate USA, Marcin Giemza and Monika Ryszka from Poland, Davide Roth from Italy (working in UK), Ewa Mikołajczak and Rafał Oleksik from Poland.

Competition for architects is an excellent way of promoting FAKRO products among international designers from all around the world. Subsequent editions of the competition are becoming more and more popular each year.

Detailed report from jury works and evaluation of projects available here.


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