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International Design Competition New Vision of the Loft 3

International Design Competition New Vision of the Loft 3



FAKRO company, world roof window manufacturer and A10 new European architecture magazine
invite architects from all over the world to take part in the International Design Competition


“Atelier” - is a room or even the whole complex of rooms which goal is to create a work space for various artists. Atelier can apply both to large, glazed galleries as well as intimate spaces for creative work located away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.
To fulfill its function, the atelier sometimes needs the maximum amount of light, while the other time it must be entirely obscured, hidden from the world.

“Atelier of the Future” - is to be a place where creative spirit meets with a number of innovative solutions. The place that would provide conditions for realizing visions of the artists and architects.

The competition task is to design a creative and artistic VISION OF AN ATELIER. The space should be functional, using the latest technologies as well as it should create the appropriate mood to stimulate creative visions.


Project shall utilise at least 3 FAKRO innovative products.

The winner will receive a prize:
1st prize - €5000
2nd prize - €3000
3rd prize – €2000

and 5 distinctions

Deadline for sending in projects
01st March – 07th July 2014

Works will be evaluated by the international jury well- known and appreciated in architects’ world.

Details of the competition
and participation are to be found at www.fakro.com


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